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        Over fifty empirical studies focused on emergency response training indicate that skill diminishes significantly during the first three to six months in the absence of practice.

To address this concern, our practice tool employs four established principles that impact long-term retention.

These four essentials are:

Free Recall

        Re-reading learned materials does not exercise or impact long term memory. Freely recalling information on demand is an exercise proven to develop long-term retention.

Spaced Retrieval 

       Spacing the effort to recall information is a very powerful, proven technique to develop retention.


       As information is recalled repetitively over intervals, long term memory and instant recall is developed, similar to the way we learn the times table or to memorize prose, etc.

The Testing Effect

        Learning and retention develops the best when their efforts produce a quantified end result, somewhat like a prize.

Allrite Safety Ltd. is committed to working with industry and academia to further develop and continually improve our learning tool.

Our objective is to:

  • Reduce the risks to workers in hazardous industry to minimize fatality, incomplete recovery and reduce long-term disability.
  • Reduce the cost of compensation associated with those risks, for industry in Canada and abroad.


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Gamified Learning


        Central to the PracticePal toolkit is an online tool providing practice opportunities in five minute exercises. These exercises are focused on the critical skills required in an emergency.

Our toolkit supports three roles in industry:

For first responders PracticePal provides:

  • A challenge to respond to a comprehensive series of traumatic injury and sudden illness scenarios, presented in a gamified format. These exercises produce an enriched understanding of first-aid, which cannot be achieved in an intensive crash course.
  • The program employs an algorithm to detect where practice will be most beneficial, and then generates a personalized practice schedule requiring only minutes per week.
  • The practice tool also provides a personal dashboard for each user to manage their practice sessions and to monitor their own progress.

For health and safety managers PracticePal provides:

A second tool, used to conduct and evaluate live scenario drills/tests with efficiency in group sessions. This tool produces a standardized grade for each drill/test; based on WorkSafeBC guidelines.

  • This tool has two benefits. First, the tool can be utilized to establish baseline data to determine the skill level of each individual prior to the introduction of the PracticePal toolkit to your existing program. Follow-up testing with this tool then clearly indicates the rate of progress for each user and the team as a whole.
  • Secondly, this tool indicates and assures the transference of online practice to actual skill when dealing with an emergency.
  • A dashboard to accurately assess and monitor the skill level and progress of each individual on the team, based on accumulated practice data, charted over time.

For HR and executive managers PracticePal provides:

  • An executive overview of the state of their response team charted over time.
  • The means and opportunity to establish the exact ROI resulting from the PracticePal toolkit, which is achieved by simply correlating baseline and current testing data.

What Is PracticePal?